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We are so, so busy.  So in our culture, we explain things away.  Like I said in another blog, we treat God as if He is an add-on in our lives.  We ALL do it some days, and I’m trying to do it a lot less.

It’s just that when we start to make excuses about why we didn’t talk to the neighbor God was pushing us toward (that was for me), and when we don’t write when he tells us to write, it’s like dominoes and building blocks, it gets easier and easier to knock God and His work to the side.  I know, I’m totally guilty at times.

And then we spend so much time dwelling on the verse that says they we only have to believe and confess that Jesus is Lord that we negate the rest of it.  Just because we are saved doesn’t mean that’s the end of it and we can go on in our lives and act as if nothing monumental has happened to us.  It reminds me of the pillars the Israelites were instructed to build where something huge and miraculous had been done by God. ‘Then Samuel took a stone and set it between Mizpah and Shen, and named it Ebenezer, saying, “Thus far the Lord has helped us.”’ 1 Samuel 7:12  (Ya, I have a stone, just a rock, on the bathroom counter…) Remind yourself!

Back to the issue at hand.The bible says about faith and works, “But are you willing to recognize, you foolish fellow, that faith without works is useless?”  James 2:20.   So what does this mean?  Are we to add even more to our crazy, busy schedules?

The thing is, if God is telling you to add, then add.  If God is telling you to take something away from your schedule, then take it away.  The answer is different for each individual person.  I mean we all have the same 24 hours in a day.  So doesn’t it make sense that if we want what God wants, if we want to do things for His kingdom, then He knows the best way to add it into our schedules?  And shouldn’t He then know if something we are doing right now in interfering and causing us to miss out on what He has for us? And we look at people who are allowing God to do monumental things in their lives and wonder how they do it.  THEY don’t.  God does!

But for each and every single person reading this right now, He has called us to bring glory to Him and to lead people to Him and baptize them.  Not to just leave them there, but also to make disciples, to teach them the way to follow Him.  But doesn’t He know how crazy my schedule is?  When can I find the time to do as He commands; not says but commands?

Is it in no way a surprise to Him that our culture would be so very busy now.  It is in no way a shock to Him that we have many, many things to fit into our 24 hours.  It is, however, a matter of priority for us, as Christians first, and a wife, mother, lawyer, housekeeper, writer, whatever your profession may be third.  God set up these priorities for us, just to keep things straight.

How straight is your calendar?  I know mine needs a little work from time to time!  Let’s work on it together.  Next blog:  How to fit it all in!

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