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As most of you know, my book came out a couple of weeks ago. Because it’s Christmas time, I have been looking for things to post about Christmas and reading those verses in Luke about Mary’s story in all of this.

And my friend is helping me write a study guide that goes along with my book.  So we were discussing the fact that Mary unequivocally said yes to God and His plan.

luke 1 38

I started thinking about all those things I have gone through.  All the hurt and guilt and shame.  The feeling like God totally left me.  Would I have said yes?  Knowing that God would use this junk for my good and for His glory later on, would I have said yes? And in the reasoning of it all, here’s what we came up with.  The main point here is bringing glory to God!  Isn’t that our main purpose here, bringing Him glory and showing it to others, too?

A big scary angel came to Mary beforehand.  She didn’t know how much pain or heartache she would have to go through because of her yes.  And the mind of the people was probably a lot different from our thinking patterns today.  we are not so inclined to say yes to anything without first knowing all the details and the outcome beforehand.  But where’s the faith in that?

I mean today if you mentioned the word servant – some translations even say bondservant, it would be socially taboo.   And I’m especially in love with the term bondservant.  It means you are willing giving yourself, you life, your hopes and dreams and wishes and the work of your hands, your money, your kids over to the One you are endenturing (chaining) yourself to willingly.  A willing servant.  No take backs.  But here’s a great point; it’s already His anyway.  Still, I think this is a marvelous term.

And to already have that setup in her mind that she already was, firmly ensconced in the belief that she is here to serve God.  Can many of us here in America actually say this without a shadow of a doubt?  Hmmm… And then there’s the fact that Joseph, her fiance, would never believe the story.  If she really love him, that would make any woman run the other way screaming.  But not Mary.  She could be stoned to death for this.  The fear is real.  But she had huge faith, believing that her God would make a way for her and her Son in the middle of all of this.  Without hesitation.

And then I read a Facebook posting by the most amazing writer who always listens to God and has the most uncanny timing when he posts things.  He was talking about walking with Jesus, see He writes in allegory form, and they discussion was on unusual circumstances.  Jesus was saying that when His grace and our faith collide the impossible happens.  Can’t you just see that in this situation?  Mary had such huge faith and combined with God’s grace, the impossible is about to happen.  A baby born to a virgin who is sent to save the world.  How much more impossible can you get!

Anyway, back to would I say yes?  Knowing what I know now, it’s easy to beat myself up and say no way, Jose.  The pain, the anguish, the horrible self-esteem and the behavior that has caused.  The broken people I have left in my wake.  The scary situations I found myself in.  SO I was totally crying and feeling not good enough… again.

But God.  God and my friend were pointing out that beforehand, I totally would have said yes.  Not knowing all the bad stuff, believing myself a bondservant of God, and the fact that a big scary angel came to tell me ahead of time, I would have said yes.    Being bold and standing firm is not something I usually have a problem with.

Now the lesson is clear here today.  When God invites you into His unusual circumstances, are you going to be bold and say yes?  Do you have that kind of unwavering faith like Mary had?  Will there be hesitation on your part?  Or will you cave.  Just some food for thought and a Christmas lesson.

XOXO, Linda