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I listened to Dr David Jeremiah’s sermon from January 1st. Some things I took away from the book of Joshua where the Israelites were crossing over into the promised land:
1. What is YOUR Jordan River? At flood stage, the river is a mile wide… without divine intervention there was NO WAY 3 MILLION people would be able to cross it at that time.
2. God made the people wait for three days at the bank of the Jordan before they could move forward. Is God telling you to wait… not yet? His timing is perfect.
3. Things that God used to get the people ready before crossing…
a) They looked behind at all the things God had brought them through. So make a list of ten things God has done for you this past year. When things get tough, bring it out and look at it… how is that for encouragement! And sharing this is a great testimony to others…
b) The presence of God beside us: God told them when they saw this particular thing happen to GO. Move forward. What are you waiting for… when you see _____________, GO GET IT!
The Ark of the Covenant had to be high, high enough so not only the leaders could see it, but high enough so the very last person at the back of the line could see it! Everyone needs to watch for God!
Interesting enough, the priests with the Ark had to walk into the Jordan BEFORE it parted. You may have to move forward first before you can see God’s miracle provision.
And His presence was depicted in this story by the actual Ark. The Ark moved first into the middle of the river and stood there while all three million people walked past. Not only did God show them where to go and that He was with them in the past, He stood beside them while they were in the middle of it. Then the Ark moved in and closed ranks behind the very last person. He protects us from the rear.
4. It was, is a time of consecration/sanctification. You need to make sure you are ready. Examine yourself and get right with God. In the Joshua story, they were instructed to do this on a certain day because… and I LOVE this part… tomorrow the Lord is going to do wonders for you. If you truly want those wonders, you have to get ready for them! Obedience.
Did you know, the Israelites lost 40 years just because they didn’t obey God?
5. It was/is a time of courage. Like I said previously, the priests moved BEFORE the water parted. don’t be afraid to wade in!
And 6. Did you know that God is a “start over” kind of God? Just look: Every sixty minutes, we start over. Every 24 hours, we get to start over with a new day. Every 30ish days there is a new month. And every 365 days we get to begin a brand spanking new year!
So right now… decide to be ready for your “defining moment”. In 2017, are you willing to start over?