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For the past few months, I have been packing up our 3500 sqft house to do a double move.  We bought my Momma’s house in Glendora since she can’t live in it,moving which is 1350ish sqft – also packed with stuff.  AND Rich got transferred to San Diego.  So in between trying to get my mom squared away at her new assisted living place (which she constantly tells me how much she loves) I have been trying to weed out her things and get rid of a ton of our stuff.

If you take into consideration that her house and the 1050 sqft of the San Diego apartment only add up to 2400 sqft and the 3500 sqft house and her house of 1350 sqft add up to 5000, well you do the math!  That’s 5000 sqft of stuff into 2400 sqft.  Ya, I’d say we were kind of busy.  Talk about downsizing!

In between there were things like one of our dogs dying and all sorts of things here and there.  So I’m trying to let you know that I’m sorry i haven’t been around.  But we finally made it to San Diego all in one piece!  SO…

Tomorrow there will be a blog about the 5 Characteristics of New Covenant Ministry.  It’s a really great lesson called, “All Things New” on 2nd Corinthians.

Have a marvelously blessed day!