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NOTE:  I was keeping this post as a draft and writing down all the amazing things that happened – kind of like a journal as they happened.  And you know what!  The draft button and the publish button switched places, literally and I pushed the wrong one… So I’m sorry if you got sent a piece of this in your email yesterday. This is not to be confused with the time when the fire hydrant jumped off the curb and right into my car’s blind spot…. 

And in case you missed it, here is YESTERDAY’S POST about fasting…

Ya… about yesterday’s fasting… did I get grumpy?  Did I get sidetracked?

Well, it’s like this… I prayed with Power – more power than I’ve ever done so before I think.  I prayed over and claimed those chains to be broken in Jesus name. I prayed for everything and everyone who came into my mind.  And I prayed for the longest amount of time without getting sidetracked than I ever have before.  This is exciting stuff, folks! Imagine – ME not getting sidetracked!  And this was only session one!

As for the work I’ve been called to do… I’ve already gotten answers… one of the things I was worried about was finding my voice.  I’ve gone from preachy to funny and back again.  I have always believed I am supposed to be funny… so not only did yesterday’s blog post get more visits than my blog ever has in the past, I got a comment saying the person loved my sense of humor!  HA!  How’s that for an answer!  God You are AMAZING!  And I just don’t know why I never did this when He first told me to!

Then, I was looking at the stack of books I have to read… there are quite a few.  And I was getting kinda tired of the one I have been reading.  So in my own mind I was going to move onto the next.  But God had me open the same book and start reading.  You know what! There was confirmation for many blogs I have yet to write and many insights in things I have been wondering about.  You’ll read some more about this in future posts.

The Holy Spirit reminded me that even though I was giving my first fruits by doing my devotions first thing in the morning, I didn’t have a great beginning to that.  He instructed me… wait!  Just let that sink in… HE INSTRUCTED ME!  (I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you. Psalm 32:8).  How marvelous is that!  God cares enough about me and you to instruct us when we need it!  sorry, I got sidetracked for a minute… now back to my original sentence… He instructed me to begin with a few worship songs.  Now why didn’t I ever think of that!  It’s so simple and it’s so me.  Everyone knows that with me it’s all about the music!  Always has been.  So why I needed a reminder about that, I’ll never know!

He reminded me that I am not alone.  There are a bunch of us all over the world that He is shepherding and keeping us on the right path.  how exciting is that!  I mean, have you ever gone into bibleGateway.com and just looked at the vast amount of translation choices you have.  And all the different languages!  It’s simply amazing and astounding.  And just think how God has kept His word intact for each one of those different languages and translations!  And my blog has gone into many different countries according to my stats.

Let me stop right there and say that blog stats do not matter.  But here’s the thing – I view each one of those visits as another person God is reaching for with His open and loving arms.  Another person He wants to free.

And do you understand how completely exciting it is to hear worship songs in other languages?  I put this song below on and immediately felt the enthrallment of worldwide corporate worship. It makes me yearn for heaven when we will all sing in one voice, in one language the praises of  our God!  It blesses me every single time!  You should have seen me standing in my kitchen with my arms stretched high and tears flowing down my face… I just have to share this song so you can catch it too!

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