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I just love our church.  It’s truly a family. I can say this because I grew up in church and spent most of my adulthood in a church.. (and who made up that term “adulting”?  It’s dumb.)  and have never before experienced the familyness we have here.  Everyone cares for everyone, young or old, it simply doesn’t matter.  There is always someone to come alongside you and lift you up.

So yesterday, we had baptisms.  I just love going and cheering for those getting baptized.  It’s a very important step and Jesus commanded it. And as one of our church elders explained, it’s like a graduation ceremony… first you accept Jesus then you have your ceremony!

Anyway, yesterday there was a huge crowd for the eight people taking that important step.  One lady had been putting it off for 19 years because she was afraid of water… and yep, she took the plunge!  So totally proud of her!  And her entire family, her husband and two kids also got baptized.  It was exciting.

But here’s the one that got me.  One of our mothers was baptized along with one of her sons.  And when they were finished, her younger son wanted to be baptized as well.  She didn’t think he understood what it was about so she led him into the corner of the pool while the baptisms were finished. And usually we ask for others in the crowd that may want to take this step even though they didn’t sign up.

So the little son, I’d say he is around five or six again went forward.   And this time his mother allowed it.  They asked him why he wanted to be baptized.  His answer, “Because Jesus loves me in my heart”.  Out of the mouths of Babes!

And here’s the point.  It seems like we are in end times and things are speeding up.  So I would submit to you that the Holy Spirit is speaking to us, even at very early ages and making us sure and steadfast and bold. We can train children and we can tell them, but it’s the Holy Spirit that seals the deal! And as 1 Timothy 4:12 says, we should listen!

And just for the record, you’re never too old, either!

don't let anyone look down on you because of your youth