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Today I have been directed to fast.  Yes, God has been telling me that for quite a long time, months even. I knew when He told me that I was supposed to do it then, but yet here I am, finally doing it. I know He wants me to for a couple of reasons – some chains can only be broken with prayer and fasting (Mark 9:29 29 He answered, “There is no way to get rid of this kind of demon except by prayer and fasting.”) and I have a couple of doozies! Do I think I have demons?  NO because God doesn’t let demons to come into Christians.  But I have some mighty strong chains that the devil has been using to stop m in my tracks – stopping me from doing the good work which God prepared in advance for me to do.

So I have to pray and fast.  But see, that’s the problem.  Prayer and fasting.

Prayer, my inner ADD comes out and my mind wanders and there are bright shiny objects all over the place.  Even things like blog ideas which in themselves aren’t bad, but as a distraction, yes they are.  I keep on having to ask God to keep me laser pin-point focused on Him.  And that’s only in the first two minutes! I know He wants much more time with me than that!  How many of you guys feel this way, too!



And then there’s the fasting part.  UGH!  I realize this is to help conquer the physical with the spiritual, but that doesn’t make it any less hard.  And if you know me, you know that when I’m hungry and my blood sugar drops, you just don’t want to be around me.  My daughter, Lucy, always tell my husband that he needs to feed his wife.  Cracks me up.  But really, it’s not funny.  So obeying this part is truly hard for me.  I’ve decided that I will have nothing but fluids today until dinner.  Then I’m sure I will be ready to devour the entire house.  And I’m sure whoever is home will be ready to kill me unless God helps me along as I expect Him to.

That’s the thing – God will help me through this if I keep asking Him to.  Please Lord, help me to stay pin-point laser focused on You!  And keep my mouth shut and my moods even tempered.  And for goodness sake, Jesus, please break those chains in two, never to be able to be used by Satan again! Ever again!

Yesterday our pastor had a word, I didn’t think it was for me, but now I’m sure it was.  His word was that someone in the room has been given a major gifting and purpose.  God said why aren’t you walking in it… ya, that has to be me. I had to bow low and humble myself and trust Him to get me through my first ever day of fasting, because that’s what He requires of me today.

And this morning, I picked up a Bible study by Beth Moore that I have been doing- along with like four other studies at the same time – for a few months.  And here’s the quote God gave me.  “Your life and mine will be greatly well lived and greatly influential if we simply ask God to empower us to do that for which we were created”. How utterly simple is that!

So I will tell you tomorrow how my day went.  I expect it will be full or laughter at my own self and freedom.  I expect God will totally show up, He has already, and free me from those chains, and empower me to go and do what He has for me to do to further His kingdom.

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